Strange Things in My office

I’ve got some odd things in my writing office.

There’s a 1948 LIonel Train engine in my book case. A Lionel Scout, as a matter of fact.

I’ve got a tall metal cabinet, carefully hidden – and an N scale train engine (a Burlington Northern 4-8-4) sitting on it.

There’s a Chinese Spear behind the door. Cool fact about it – when I bought it, I bought it from a Kung Fu master – and I conducted the exchange successfully in Mandarin Chinese. He even picked through all the ones he had to choose the best one for me.

Snakes are terrified of that spear, by the way. They RUN when I go out and practice the circle move with it. If you’ve ever learned how to use a chinese spear, you’ll know that move.

There’s my beat board, of course. Very close to my desk.

My desk does not face the window. That’s on purpose, by the way. You can’t write if you’re busy watching the Blue Jays looking in. We’ve got some weird birds in my neighborhood. There’s one that grips onto the brick wall and stares in the back door sometimes.

And those birds are why I’ve got a tin of peanuts inside a desk drawer.

I have a certificate written in Japanese on one wall. Directly across from it is a painting by a Chinese artist, and signed in Chinese.

Years ago, i ordered some airplane model kits from Ebay. It was a lot, and the delivery was delayed by a relative of the seller, who’s only explanation of the long delay was, “there was a family tragedy.” I suspect what happened was someone opened a hobby shop that failed, and tragedy took place connected with that failure. I have one model airplane from that still, a P-47. I’ll never get rid of that plane because that was connected with someone’s dreams and life. And that plane is all that’s left.

You don’t throw something like that away because a propeller breaks.

And I’ve got some stuffed Opus the Penguins hidden in my office. none of them can be seen in the open, but I’ve got the graduation Opus, and the shower Opus, complete with bath towel.

And… prize piece… There’s a small square cardboard box with “Deep 13” written on it. Inside is a piece of the set from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.

What are some odd things you have that have stories connected with them?


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