Not a Writer’s Blog

This is not so much a writer’s blog, but a reader’s blog! I’m a writer, and I talk a little about the process of writing, because I always was interested in that.

When Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001, what struggles did he face? What parts were easy? Was he able to do it in 80 days? 50? 18?


WHat about when Tolkien wrote? I know he wrote his books as letters he mailed to his son in the RAF. Did he sit in his study from 6 pm to 8 pm every night, with ink, quill and a candle? Was he like a modern day Scrooge, hunched over an empty desk save for a solitary piece of paper? Or was his desk littered with scraps of this and that?

I always wanted to know that kind of stuff.

I could write a lot of stuff of interest to other writers. But then my audience is mostly… other writers.

I want to talk to readers, because after all, they’re the ones who will buy what I write!

What do you like to read? Do you have pet peeves, things you hate when writers do something?

I always hated when writers would start to go one way, then suddenly go in another direction. I read a book about a man once who was smart, an exceptional military commander. The book as a champ at leading you in one direction, then flying the other way. He starts out his military career making his men crawl through jungles, not trusting intel reports. You see the other armies just walk to the destination, la de da.

You WANTED to see them get blown away. You WANTED to see the commander vindicated. But you’re treated to a plot that… vaporizes. Promises much, then is gone like morning mist.

You were shown a scene where a Buddhist monk tells the man, “I believe you can walk on air.” the man walks off, and realizes he’s stepped off a stone path.. and literally is walking on air. then he falls, when he realizes that.

And can’t do it ever again.

I felt cheated as a reader by that.

What bugs you as a reader?


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