Michael Hyatt’s Latest Seminar

I was just waaay too busy for Michael Hyatt’s latest seminar. I will say they’re usually infomercials on how to buy his latest product. The last one was “7 ways how to write your book.”

Okay. I took it. I even wrote on it. Because I’m already a writer, the most I got out of it was getting Evernote. Yup, he was absolutely right.

The latest seminar was on growing your “Social platform”, what others are calling your “writing platform” – a social media presence combined of a website/blog (got that), Facebook (ugh), twitter, and LinkedIn or Instagram. It gets your name out there, people know you’re a writer, have some inkling of what you’re writing, and can follow you once you’re published or sold. And industry insiders are making dire comments that if you don’t have a writer’s platform, you probably won’t get published!

Michael Hyatt is using it to advertise his $280 a year publicity college, where you learn how to build a blog following, etc.

I was interested on watching the seminar, but he sent out the link to the broadcast on the very last day that it expired.

He did offer a questionnaire where he analyzed your problems, and had a recommended video. Well, according to him, I don’t know what my message is. Actually, I don’t know what he’s talking about! So, I’ll go through the workshop pdf, and see if I can figure all this out.

Mike, it’s like this… you need to run the seminars for longer than just two weeks! That way I can watch them!

UPDATE: I did get to see Michael Hyatt’s latest seminar on selling things. VERY informative! I learned a lot on this one!


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