Facebook is Evil

I hate facebook.

There, I said it.

some of you spend your LIVES checking to see what someone wrote. And checking to see if what you wrote got any likes.

I never was one of those people who posted, “buying a coffee at Starbucks!” Then, “I’m pulling into my parking spot at wiork!” Then, “I’m at work! Ho Hum!”

To quote Hank the Septapus, “Nobody cares.”

Now, I understand that all writers have to – HAVE TO – have a social media presence. Okay, that’s fine. I understand that.

But I’ll tell you right now, Facebook destroys lives. People kill one another, take out warrants on one another, get protective orders against one another, over words you write in your home, full of self justification , you’d NEVER dream of saying to someone’s face.

So, here it is. I”ll set up a facebook-twitter presence when I’m about to get something filmed, or published.

And promptly hand it over to someone else to manage. Maybe one of my family, I don’t know.

And they can put up the “I’m buying coffee” posts for me.

Remember when you used to call someone up and talk to them?