Unforgettable Movies

The Tenth Level

I don’t watch a lot of movies, I guess. I went through a big phase of watching a lot of movies in the ’80’s, but they had to be action movies. And most action movies people liked, I hated. I didn’t like Top Gun, for instance.

Two movies I saw as a kid were unforgettable to me. One was the Tenth Level. A one set- one camera movie with William Shatner as a behaviorist who hired two men for $20 each to engage in a study on the effects of electric shock on memory. Shatner’s character wanted to see if two friends would pass the level where the increasing shocks would eventually kill. I never saw the end of it, so I’ve always wondered what happened.

Another movie was called Fate is the Hunter. I missed the beginning of the movie, and it apparently starts with a perfectly normal airplane crashing for no reason, and a crash investigator for the FAA has to figure out why it crashed. They’re running out of answers, and finally, they end up taking the sister airplane (made in the same factory the same week) into the air and repeating the flight – right down to, “Where did the pilot keep his cup of coffee when he flew?” And the same events begin to happen….

They don’t write them like that any more. I guess I’m trying to change that.


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