Flipped Books

I read a couple of months ago, where people have re-written classic books, like “Wuthering Heights” from another character’s point of view. I remember struggling through David Copperfield, a woefully oppressive book full of pro-communist rhetoric, and finally getting through to the end. I absolutely hated it. And most people who’ve read David Copperfield have said the same thing.

Dickens will be forever remembered for “A Christmas Carol”, which had moderate Communist overtones. Let’s leave your politics out of books, please! How would you all like it if I forced you to endure my polemics for long periods of time? Probably not. So I keep my politics to a minimum. You should do the same.

But then it struck me… Copperfield, from Uriah Heep’s point of view? Could be interesting. But – alas, it would require me re-reading David Copperfield.

I love classic books. I had hardcover edition Reader’s Digest classics at home growing up, and read them all. I don’t know if it was my habit of reading every book I laid my hands on that turned me into a writer. To my knowledge, every one of my sisters, my mother and even my dad all tried writing novels. And to my knowledge. I was the only one who completed them.

what else could I flip? 20,000 leagues under the sea, from Conseil’s point of view? I mean, he stole the book. Or Journey to the Center of the Earth, from Hans’ point of view?

I suppose if I had limited ideas, I’d give it a try. Right now, I’m swamped with projects that wait in the wings. But hey! If you’re a writer and you’re struggling for ideas, flip a book for practice!


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