Read Deadlines

Read my screenwriting books, highlighting them then copying over the highlights into Evernote. The books on writing fiction will have to wait, because I’m being paid to write movies right now.


I need to read screenplays and scripts more, so I can let all that soak in, and help me write better.


finish my master class classes with Aaron Sorkin.


Write 7 pages of script a day.


Exercise, so I don’t turn into a blob of jell-o behind my desk.


Work a 9 hour a day job.


Get 1667 words a day into my novels.



Okay, now that just ruined everything. Suddenly I don’t have time for everything.

Here’s where time management kicks in. You have to become disciplined for all this. There’s only so much writing time in the day until i’m a success, and can leave my job and move to Woonsocket or Exeter or Coventry or Foster/Glocester, or Jamestown or Newport. Or Portsmouth or Tiverton or Little Compton.

THEN I’ll have 8 hours a day I can write, and things will be great. I can now free up 8 hours a day, not having to do my day job any more.

And of course, by then… i won’t need to read all that!


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