How to read a how-to book

Many of us read how-to books. I think that some fiction writers who couldn’t hack it simply bought 5 books on writing novels, and did the thesaurus thing and wrote their own book on writing – thus securing their living from the would-be writers!

So, you read the book. A month later, you’ve lost everything you’ve learned.

So, you find out about underlining, and highlighting. Probably from a friend whose a Christian, because Christians are ALWAYS underlining things. it’s a habit they get from trying to learn their Bibles, which have about 53,000 verses in them. (If you’re a Christian, I don’t have to tell you about underlining stuff…)

Then you underline a bunch of things. it helps fix things into memory, but… much of it will be forgotten.

Here’s the third step. If you type it out, you’ll remember it. I type it into Evernote. YeS, I know i can take a picture of the page and Evernote will convert it. But that left out typing it! And that’s one of the keys to remembering.

Putting it into Evernote or Onenote is the next key. Now, using keywords or tags, you make it easy to find them again. That’s much faster than pulling the book down off a bookshelf, and flipping through it to find that quote.

Let’s just say you finished Save The Cat. And you’re trying to remember who it was that said something about the pluses and minuses. You can find it quicker by looking in your save the cat tags in Evernote.

Evernote or Onenote can really revolutionize how you do things.


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