The thought hits every writer. “I wanna retire, and just write.”

Usually about four words into chapter one of book one.

Alas, most writers never finish book one.

My thing is, finishing book 4. But I’m so busy writing right now on a million things, it’s more time than lack of anything else.

I have the knowledge that when, like many of the big selling authors, I get published I will probably (through sheer writing volume if nothing else!) end up making enough money to sit and write.

If you’re a writer, then here’s where it is. Dreaming about getting published is dreaming.

Getting published is getting published.

you must want the “Getting published” more than the dream.

I’m ready right now to pitch my movies or books to anyone in the biz.

FINISH YOUR BOOK! If you’re at 12,000 pages. you went too far. Stop. Finish it. Pare it down. It should take you 3-9 months to write a book, not 17 years.