Hot time, summer in the city…

June. Where I’m at, in the South, it’s going to be hot and muggy. 90+ temperatures are common.

I’ve got a mental deadline of May 2018 to get to Rhode Island. It of course relies heavily upon God’s blessings, that somehow, someway, one of my projects will be sold.

Then I’m moving myself, my wife, three cats and (if I can catch him) a bunny rabbit that waits by my parking spot every day at work.

And we’re going to Rhode Island. 60 degrees in June. July and August, 70’s. Every once in a while, it gets to 90. Rarely. But 60 degrees, common. And I don’t want a million Rhode Island nay-sayers telling me otherwise – I use as my internet start page, and I’ve got the temperatures of Newport, Rhode Island on it EVERY DAY for the last two years. 60 degrees. Nyah. I’ve checked.

Whereas where I live, the temperature is often exactly the same as Jerusalem, another city on my page. And sometimes… it’s hotter in my city than Jerusalem, which is surrounded by desert.

Yup… Eleven months.