ANOTHER movie idea!

I’m cursed, or blessed. My mind goes overdrive, 24/7. I have more ideas for books, plots, articles, and movies than I already have time to write!


And as I’m moving a piece of furniture in my office, to make room for my wife’s Victorian chair next to my desk… I conceived of another movie that will draw hordes of males 20-28 years old – you know, the ticket buying crowd.

And since my wife shares a lot of my interests… I know she’ll be interested in this one!

It’s a catch-22 (I know I’ve mentioned my loathing for that offensive book before). I have so many ideas a studio would love that I could possibly earn tens of millions over the next year with them.

To write them, I need to be working full time selling movies.

But if I don’t have any time, I can’t write and sell the movies!