New Office!

My new office.

Well, it’s not like it’s a $1,600 a month business location, with a receptionist. I made an office in my home. No receptionist needed.

I just took a spare room, and cleaned out of it my hobby stuff, paring it down. I’ll resume my more space-intensive hobbies when I move back to Rhode Island, where 12X12 bedrooms are common, and fairly small… for Rhode Island…

So, for now, I’ve got a chair borrowed from a bedroom. I feel like a 9-year old typing at his dad’s desk, because it’s antique, and lower than the desk. I moved a chair in here for my wife, also a Victorian antique (be early for Yard sales… all I’m saying…).

Bookshelves are next. Coasters for the desk. Bookshelves. I’m a dark wood kind of guy. Cherry wood, so dark it almost looks black, with a high gloss polish on it… I can see my reflection on the desk as I type, my mouth moving spastically as I type, my face contorting as my typing fingers cannot keep pace with my fevered brain.

Or i’d see that ridiculous image, if I weren’t staring on a screen, spotted with unknown spots of something obscuring my view. I need to clean this.

I also just realized I need to change the angle of my laptop screen. I’m used to having it in a particular spot as I sit on my sofa and type. I’d like my office to look more like that antiquated concept of a “Study”, perhaps with me wandering about dressed like Vincent Price in some low-budget British Hammer Studios Film, intoning dire pronouncements in a Shakespearean tone as Price did, instead of my midwestern-tone voice with a New England slur, tinged with years of resorting to Yiddish in that American Jewish habit, of mixing Yiddish with English.

Tul pens. Gotta have Tul pens! I love Tul pens.

So, here I sit. Writing my first thing in my office with my wife’s chair there. And plastic ferns, who my wife guarantees I cannot kill through over-watering. If so, it’ll be a first.

Now I need candelabra’s, and a plot to RULE THE WORLD!!!!


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