Where did the Month Go?

I know it’s because I was so incredibly busy trying to keep a difficult deadline. I aced that deadline for sure, but the response is more the Isaac Asimov surprise of, “It’s almost June?”

I remember my dad had a book by Isaac Asimov where he had little intros to stories, and there was something about how he sat in a study with the curtains pulled, an electric light on day and night as he typed, and how when he’d take a break, he’d often be surprised with the knowledge that it was daytime or nighttime. I don’t know if he was serious about that or not.


Grumble. I hated Catcher in the Rye. My book report in school on that made that abundantly clear – don’t force me to read a bad book. I don’t know WHY so many people love the book, but “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson made a subtle jab at it that it’s only because of a CIA program of training people to be assassins through hypnosis, and that book is how they track those people.

Made sense to me. Stupid book!


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