Write a Novel in 60 days

I got an ebook on how to write a novel in 60 days.

It may help a lot of people, but there wasn’t much in that ebook that helped me.

Not putting it down, but… when you finish your first novel, you now know how it works for you.

I’m 3.5 novels in, and I know how it works for me. I know my workflow. I can’t write a 65,000 word piece of fiction. It’s too short for me.

What I do is work a scene at a time. I need Ywriter or Scrivener, something that works like that.

I make a 3 act novel (it’s a template in Scrivener) and then add about 7 chapters per act. In reality, you’re going to drag a lot of chapters from Act 1 & 3 into 2.

Then I make about 7 scenes per chapter. Clancy did it that way, although some authors do one scene a chapter.

I start by labeling my scenes on the corkboard. Then I go into the scene I want to work on, and write.

I have 1667 words a day to get in there. Many days I get more. The word per day limit in Scrivener gives you instant results, if you keep the meter open. It’ll show you by a visual bar how far you’ve gone. Many days I far exceeded the 1667 word limit, and just kept writing. It’s an average of 150,000 words in 90 days.

MANY writers who’ve switched to Scrivener all do the same thing. they all describe it as “The one tool every writer must have to radically change the way you write.”

sooner or later, the holdouts will figure it out!


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