Writing Class

I’m kind of unique, I guess. I have no problem taking classes in something I already know how to do. I might pick up new information. I’ll try other people’s techniques.

So i signed up for a two-week Screenwriting class that started RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my deadline for writing my screenplay. no kidding.

What did I learn? Never dismiss an idea. Aaron Sorkin describes some ideas as swing and a miss, some as swing and a foul, and others as a knock out of the park. I’m kind of familiar with the terms, even though I don’t like sports.

At the writing class, there was discussion about how your WORST IDEA can actually be a great concept. There’s a writer in Maine who wanted to be a novelist. He wrote a book on his typewriter, and got discouraged with it when he finished it and threw it in the trash. His wife took it, read it, and put it back on his desk. He submitted it, and was signed. it established his career, and now he sells millions of books, and you can pretty much expect his every book will become a movie at some point.

No idea is bad, really. Unless its tomatoes killing people.


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