My Approach to my Genre

I can’t really compare how my writing in my exact genre compares to other authors, because well… nobody else has ever done my exact genre before.

Apocalyptic – Jerry Jenkins of course wrote the Left Behind series. And like everyone else who read it, I ended up skipping over paragraphs because I needed to know how this was turning out.

And like everyone else who’s read it, I’ve read it once.

Since I’m in the middle of studying how to be a better author, I’m going to get colored pens and read it all over again, marking the living daylights out of it.

I didn’t like the basic premise of the Left Behind books, and if Jerry ever reads this, I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry for saying it.

I felt one or two of the books were too rushed to meet deadlines. I felt like the basic premise was implausible. We maintain suspension of disbelief when we read books, because, no, I don’t believe a police chief in Amity New York named Brody ever battled a 20 foot Great White on a boat called the Orca.

I can suspend disbelief that far.

I can suspend disbelief even farther, and read a book about a defecting Russian submarine.

I can suspend disbelief fairly far – like most readers.

To believe that the way to survive the seven worst years in the world is to get a job flying a plane for the most evil man in the world – my suspension of disbelief came crashing down around my ears.

I kept waiting for piles of dead, decomposing bodies in the streets. I never got that. I kept waiting for Jenkins to stress my emotions through tears, through horror, sadness, grief. I wanted to feel the absolute sorrow of families torn apart through loss of life, through disease.

He never got me there.

I waited for cannibalism during the famine. Never got that. got some vague references to black market food and weapon shopping.

It’s like with Clancy. He managed to get my wonder, my adrenaline, a veritable thrill ride. There was little in the way of speeches that make you feel inspired. There was little in the way of sorrow. I don’t recall ever shedding a tear reading him.

Or Jenkins.

What I hope, is by combining Apocalyptic with Techno-drama and the Frederick Forsythe playground of secret governments is… people. I want you to see their hopes, fears, aspirations, all that thrown to the ground as the world literally begins to end. I want to feel their cold, their hunger, their sorrow, their fear.

When I read of an earthquake, I want to see worldwide devastation, not just a building collapsing as the helicopter flies away just in time. I want to see people about to be crushed, feel the emotions they go through.

If you cannot bring me to that point… then I’m going to write a series of books and show it myself.

That’s where I differ. I’m going to put you right in the middle of it. So that when you get done reading the part about the wild fires and you put the book down…

…the smell of smoke is clinging to you.

I dare you to read my books and not cry at least once. You’ll be tougher than me. I broke down and wept writing some scenes.

That’s where my take on this genre differs.


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