Ten Favorite Movies

Here’s another one of the “you should write a blog post about this…” entries I keep seeing. I don’t think any of you have lost sleep over “What movies does he like?” Well, here goes.

What are ten favorite movies? These aren’t my first ten favorites in order, or even my top ten, just ones I enjoy watching.

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really think the whole thing was rigged for Charlie to win.
  2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  3. Jaws. Based upon a real event in New Jersey, except it was a Bull shark and not a Great White.
  4. Patton. Reminds me of my dad.
  5. A Bridge Too Far. My dad and I saw this in the theater.
  6. Christmas with The Cranks. My wife loves this movie, and it’s still great.
  7. Elf.
  8. Blackhawk Down.
  9. Braveheart.
  10. The Lost Battalion. I can’t say enough about this movie.

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