What I’m studying right now

These posts are usually written on the weekend, then they’re timed to go up during the week, because I get busy sometimes and I’d forget.

So, right now I’m reading a book on characterization by Orson Scott Card.

I went from reading a book by Nancy Kress on writing. Now she’s obviously very good, because her book was well planned, thoughtful, had lots of information. I felt like I was highlighting almost every page.

Compared to that… Mr. Card had a very tough act to follow. And so, I’m for the most part having a hard time following his book. Mr. Card seems to proceed from the viewpoint that the plot drives the character. Yes, it does… but the character drives the plot first.

So, I’m having a hard time following his book. I think the better approach would have been to ignore dialogue, narration, style, and plot – and WRITE a book solely on character!

Better yet, write a three part or four part book series on writing – characterization, dialogue, plot, and conflict. Don’t try to address everything in one book! Most of his book really had more to do with plot and style than on characterization so far… and I’m halfway through it.

So someone in a writer’s group I’m part of mentioned that Nancy Kress has a book on Characterization, and my wife got it for me. It should be here in my mailbox today. I’ll be putting aside the Card book for now, and starting on that book immediately.

Why am I reading books on writing when I’ve already written books? Because if you’re paying several dollars for one of my books by this time next year… I want it to be worth your hard earned cash… and more importantly, your time.

When you read a book, you invest time and emotions into it. I want to make sure that book is as good as it can be, and not “Bunny go hop hop”.


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