Explaining Myself

I have a habit when writing my books. Sometimes I start chasing a rabbit trail, where I need to explain myself or defend myself.

That writing always gets deleted.


I guess it’s because when I’d try to say something growing up, my sisters would interrupt me and start talking over me, and shut me up. “Well, I think that…” “You’re wrong, and heres’ why…”

Or someone would ask if I did something. “Did you break that?” “no, I…” “listen, do you know how much money that cost me? And you broke it…” “but I…”

And of course, school in Rhode Island was more of the same. Everyone would interrupt me, talk over me.

So, in my books, everyone’s a captive audience, so… I start explaining myself, because nobody can shut me up.

Except me.

But hey, not fair to take out 25 years of frustrations out on readers! So, I try to delete that stuff once I realize I’m doing it.


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