How Long to Write A Novel?

Everyone wonders that. The answer is, “thirty days.”

Nanowrimo has their yearly contest to write 50,000 words in 30 days. And hundreds of people finish a book every year doing it.

Here’s your word count… 1667 words a day. Can you do that?

Yeah. I can do that.

To write a decent sized novel at 150,000 words (which is my usual amount) then takes three months. Figure another couple of months to re-write. So, six months.

Does that mean you can write two novels a year?


Serial novels that are released at one novel a month… those are much smaller, at about the 50,000 words mark.

But the authors and the publishers usually make sure you can get two or three in the can before they publish them.


At some point, you run out of ideas. you sit down and get “Writers block”. I don’t seem to worry about that, what I get is “I painted myself into the corner”.

That’s what gives me fits sometimes.

The most you can aim for is 9 months for a novel, and figure two months per serial novels.


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