Favorite Places I’ve Never Been

I’ve poked around Google Maps to see some places I write about. Let’s go through a list of places I’d love to visit.

Jerusalem – yeah. There’s something about Jerusalem. I’d love to go.

Germany – too many places I’d love to see. My fourth novel has a lot of scenes in Germany.

Austria – yeah, I’d love to visit here too.

France – I’d really love to spend an afternoon in Paris. If I can ever get my books published and become a best-selling author, I’d definitely try to go to Europe at least once. Paris, and Normandy, would be one afternoon. And then right back to Germany.

Japan – Absolutely. I’m not interested in hustle/bustle Tokyo. I’m more interested in seeing countryside Japan. Maybe if I can get the Tokugawa script sold, I’d be able to actually arrange a Tokugawa tour, where I could visit the important places he was at. Unfortunately, part of that is Tokyo. But maybe I could get in and out of there. Just visit Edo Castle, and off to Hokkaido or something like that. I’d definitely have to visit Toho, though, and see the workshop where they’ve got a replica of Eiji Tsubaraya just sitting there at a table, as if he’s watching everyone work.

Places in America – Yellowstone. Alaska. Montana. Wyoming. Sierra Nevadas. Maine. My heart is not captivated by concrete. my heart is interested in woods, streams, rivers, grassy fields. So visits to New York City hold little interest for me.

One thing my wife and I have talked about. We’re seriously going to do it, if I can be successful as a writer, is actually get in a small RV and go see places in America.


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