Who Makes More Money?

Script writer? Director? Or Film Score composer?

I’ll give you a hint. Obviously the director makes more money. So, who ends up in second place? The guy who actually wrote the script?


The score Composer gets a rough 10 to 15% of the film’s shooting budget. That means the person who sat down and wrote the single D natural crescendo note to show building tension made much, much more money than the person who wrote the actual movie.

I must be missing something. I mean… When I was growing up, it was basically Goldsmith had everything boxed up. Not all of his scores were good. Goldsmith wrote a soundtrack for “Legend” that apparently was… pathetic. And the film producer turned to a German Prog Rock synthesizer band, Tangerine Dream.

And they turned in one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. It was so perfect for the movie, it’s astounding. I remember seeing a fragment of Legend with goldsmith’s score behind it, and it was truly… lame.

Then James Horner was the name to know. I mean, his work on “The Wrath of Khan” was amazing.

now, it’s people like Hans Zimmer.

But with all due respect to how movies are made… What good is randomly swelling music if you… don’t have a good story?

Let’s pay our writers more.


you can just send me a deposit right now on one of my scripts.


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