World War Z – How I would have changed it

I realize that there’s ideologies involved in the movie. however, let me explain how different the movie would have been if I could have written it.

My readers may well start a petition drive by the end of this short article.

First… there’s guns everywhere. Gerry shoots a man in the Walgreens, and… they run out the door, leaving that gun lying there.

Stupid. Heros should grab every gun they see in a disaster/end of the world situation.

Let’s contrast that with a horror movie I saw in the ’80’s, where the Hero breaks into a gun shop, loads up on everything he needs, and leaves a big wad of cash wrapped in rubber bands on the counter as he leaves.

Why? Essentially, you’re in an “Invading army” scenario. Reloading takes time, and sometimes it simply is far more effective to grab a second gun and shoot.

In addition, you need strength in numbers. Everyone who joins you, will need a weapon. The more you pick up as you go along, the better you’ll be.

Second… Gerry is supposed to be a UN Investigator. He’s got to have combat experience. The rundown from the ship’s captain makes that clear. He’s not very inventive about clearing out the “Zekes”, the way that a man in that job would have been. As a matter of fact, he shows he’s all too willing to drop every weapon almost as soon as he gets it.

Third – anyone with the kind of build-up they give Gerry would have immediately responded in one way upon finding out his wife and daughters were taken off the ship. “Let me speak to the Captain. Here’s how it is. I’m going to find your answers. And when I’m done, I’m coming for you.”

The movie demanded it. I’m sure the audience left unsatisfied, wanting to see vengeance over Gerry’s family being kicked off the ship.

Really, I don’t know if Max Brooks was satisfied with the movie or not. Brooks went so far as to give survival tips in his book, most of which the movie ignored. I suppose if I ever meet him, I’ll interview him to find his thoughts on the movie.

And I’ll put it up here.

That’s my thoughts. The movie was good, but I felt it could have been better


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