I Hate My Book

Two of my books I was hampered with by the face that book Number Two was so good.

Book three I hated, until about 90% done with it. suddenly, I had it in a place where I finally didn’t hate it any more.

The problem I guess is something everyone goes through when you write a book, and it’s really, really good. I had drama, death, pain, tears,… I mean, book two had it ALL. Even sheer terror and excitement.

When you hate your book, you have two choices – trash it and start over, or keep plugging until you like it.

I chose with book three to keep going. There was so much CONFLICT. I’m sure that makes for a tense book.

So, I had to really drag the reader through the mud for most of the book, before picking them up again.

Hopefully, it worked.

If you’re a writer, how do you get through it? If you feel like your book is simply not what you wanted, make snapshots with Scrivener, and start over. If you feel like it’s going in the wrong direction, then evaluate – can I save this? Or should I just delete, and start over again?

Don’t be afraid to simply throw away what’s not working. But save it in a backup! Because you may suddenly figure out in two years how to do it!


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