Tried a different program the other day. It’s intended for Script development, but actually, you can use it for novels as well. A good way to describe Contour is like a budget Dramatica, but the way they explain things is… well… much more usable.

Dramatica is an essential program, in my opinion. Highly priced, but outstanding. The only issue is, the interview process they give you is not complete (when you poke through your story in Dramatica, you’ll see what I mean), and the descriptions on what story element you’re filling out is lacking. I suppose despite my high IQ, I should get the Dramatica for Dummys book at some point.

If you’d like to try something similar to Dramatica, but relatively inexpensive, give Contour a try. Mariner Software also has a screenwriting program that’s inexpensive (at this point, I’ve got Fade In and not likely to get something else unless I suddenly get a lot of disposable money, and in that case it’ll be Final Draft), a character creation software, novel writing software and more.


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