Why do I give status updates? It prevents me from simply allowing my work to dwindle. I learned this from a course on time management. Set a deadline, and communicate that deadline to someone else.

Status reports on the deadlines help as well.

My first three books were written in Ywriter. It’s kind of a free version of Scrivener, but without the cork board and several other perks. And you can’t read the entire book (and edit the entire book) in context, the way you can in Scrivener.

So, recently, I’ve moved everything from my first novel into Scrivener, and I’m going through and taking snapshots of the book a scene at a time. This way, any changes I make, a publisher can say, “Actually, I like how you had it the first time”, and I can restore it with the click of a button.

Shortly, I need to get the second and third books into Scrivener.

I use the Cox cloud uploader to upload daily backups of my Scrivener and Ywriter files. Since I’ve switched to Scrivener, I probably can discontinue the use of the Ywriter. I know, I know, everyone is going to tell me I should use Mediafire or Dropbox, but I didn’t want to have to sign up for ONE MORE THING!


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