Two Ways To Do This

I’ve got my ten part series, which is an apocalytic techo-thriller horror drama. Remember I suggested I call my genre Ich Weiss Es Nicht Unt Sie Wiess Es Nicht (I don’t know and you don’t either).

Now, I have three or four books in mind about the Organization that are prequels. In other words, I can literallly start from the fictional point of when the Organization finally gained ascendency… April 1945. One faction moved into power, taking over the Organization in 1932. They moved up, but when things fell apart, and the Candidate shot himself or was shot by an Engineer (I’ve hinted at the latter)…

This is where book one picks up at. I haven’t written 1-3 yet. #4 starts the Apocalyptic element of it, and those are done.

So, I’m struggling with… do I put out the ones that are done? Or do I stop, write the first three that are not yet Apocalyptic, and THEN start looking for a literary agent?

See, these are the kinds of questions that a literary agent would be handy for. I could call him or her and say… “What do you think?”

That’s what they’re there for! I’m too close to my novel, and when I write a great character, it forces a plot along. you’re only as good as your antagonist. That’s why Die Hard was better than Die Hard 2 or 3. the Antagonists weren’t really that good.

So, my hardest decision may be.. which do I go wtih first? I sometimes wish I weren’t so creative.


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