Meet… David Lynch

David Lynch is not the villain in my stories, but he’s certainly one of the more colorful evil types. He’s the guy you worry about. When the Antagonist decides someone has embarrassed him or angered him, Lynch is called out.

European Suits, stylish, gray eyes, dark hair that’s a little long. And… he’s ruthless. If when you see him he happens to be smoking a cigar (usually an expensive Cuban)… run. He’s planning someone’s death.

Lynch’s job in the novels is that of an Engineer,  a secret assassin for the Organization, a secret shadow government pulling strings and running the visible governments.

Lynch likes style, and is accomplished at languages, as you start seeing in the 4th book (currently in progress). Lynch understands right from wrong – he just really doesn’t understand how it applies to him.

And that’s a major reason why the Organization has hired him as an Engineer.


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