You know, my writing is…

Let me start that again. Because, really, nobody cares about my writing. They care about the story, the characters in it.

To, at some point, get a literary agent, I need to be able to write a query letter. “Hi, my name is Nicholas Reicher, and I am writing a 10-part fiction series, about protagonist and antagonist who are living in blah blah blah. This series falls into the (blank) genre…”

Okay, so… what do I put for (blank)? I understand some people call it techno-thriller. They also call it drama. They also call my particular niche Apocalyptic. So is it an Apocalyptic/Drama/Action/Horror/Techno-Thriller fiction series? Or do I call it doomsday/Horror/Survivalist/secret government/assassin/conspiracy thriller fiction series?

Thanks to learning a lot of German lately, I sometimes think I should create my own Genre and call it “Ich Weiß Es Nicht Fiction”.

What’s that mean? It means,
I don’t know.

Maybe I could add “ich weiß es nicht unt Sie weiß es nicht Fiction” – I don’t know and you don’t either.


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