Director’s Commentaries

I suppose I’m one of those weird guys who – after I watch my DVD – I go back and watch it the next day or the next week with the director’s commentary playing. Sometimes it helps me with learning:

  1. How did they jump from scene 35 to scene 37? very often, you get stuck writing. you just can’t SEE how Hero finds the Keys in his pocket, but you have to get them there somehow.
  2. What did they mean by that? I’ve seen several movies where the director or screen writer put some scene in and you’re thinkng… “What in the world did that scene mean? you ruined a completely good scene by adding that stupid part in!”
  3. Why did they delete that scene? In one war movie I have, there’s a deleted scene that I vigorously disagree with the director about. It needed to be in there.

How many of you watch the director’s commentary?

By the way, we need many more DVD’s with this option. I’ve only got about seven DVD’s with this.


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