Screen writing

win-showcase-scrivener_header-16183As I mentioned previously, my writing program for novels is Scrivener, which I just recently purchased, after I wrote a third of a book during the demo process!

I needed to get the first novel ready for the screen because – once I sign to a contract with whatever publishing company signs me, I want to slide over the completed manuscripts of books 1-3, plus their screenplay scripts, so I can get these on the movie screens and on the DVD market after that.

So, my writing program of choice for Screenplays is Final Draft. It’s the best, has a very good interface, the kind of interface that inspires you to write and create. I really love it.

But it’s $250, and I can’t afford it. Sigh.

web_banner_smallSo, I’ve downloaded Fade In, which is nice, similar to Final Draft, and only $80. I don’t have to register it yet.

I hope to have something online for everyone to enjoy by this weekend.


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