Working on one

I’ve been mulling over a short story on one of my characters in my novels. I should have something online in a day or two.

Someday, I’d like to do what some of the writing books say, and sit and write out histories for all my major characters. Only thing is. I usually just open my software, write in someone’s name, and after two or three sentences, I’m suddenly finding out things about them I didn’t know. I wrote one mildly irritating character in my first novel, and by the second novel, you’re finding out her past – which I didn’t know until I wrote the scene!

Time! Not enough of

I have too many projects going, or at least… too many things I’m trying to do.

  1. Write books in a ten-volume series
  2. Get a literary agent
  3. get a publishing contract
  4. make enough money selling books to retire from day job, move to someplace inspiring, and spend the rest of my life writing my books
  5. Get all my other books moved from Ywriter into Scrivener
  6. Write more books
  7. get all of my characters along with descriptions listed in Scrivener.
  8. A nice can of Dr. Pepper, poured over ice in a frosted glass.
  9. Convert my books into movie scripts, so that they can be multi-million dollar special effects blockbusters with dramatic epic music, explosions, and product placement of Dr. Pepper in various spots, so that maybe Coca-Cola or whoever owns Dr. Pepper will sponsor at least one massive explosion sequence. Or an earthquake or sumpthin’.

If I can get #2 and #3, I’m pretty sure I can get #4, which will allow me time to accomplish #’s 1,5,6 & 7 & 9, which just leaves #8.

FACT OF THE DAY: The Hebrew word for 10 is Eser. The German word for food is Essen. They apparently are not related.